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Organic Desi Khandsari sugar is the form of sugar that is traditionally made in India. Khandsari sugar is natural granulated sugar made from thickened sugar cane syrup. The white sugar we get in the market is chemically processed and considered as poison.
Jowar is a gluten-free member of the grass family and is incredibly nutritious. Jowar is one of the best millets for diabetics. Our Jowar flakes are very thin and crispy. Ideal for making snacks, poha, or even eaten as a cereal in milk or curd.
Amaranth grain is called a Wonder grain. It is actually not a grain but a pseudo cereal that is grown for its edible starchy seeds. To ensure purity and to get maximum health benefits, we first soak the Amaranth seeds, dry it and then grind it in chakki to get flour.
Sprouting is a healthy way of eating Bajra. We bring you healthy, gluten free Bajra or Pearl millet flour made from organic soaked and sprouted Bajra. Bajra flour is an excellent source of protein, iron, folic acid, fibre and many other essential nutrients.