For most of us, our Grandma's food brings us memories of happiness and health. Our aim is to bring back Grandma style home cooked foods which are not only delicious, but healthy, nutritious and completely organic.
Our mission is to reconnect with our Indian roots by exploring food, traditions and practices practiced in the past and implement them in our day to day lives. We not only explore these practices, but also discover the scientific reasons behind them to help us understand how they can benefit us in the modern world and enrich our day to day lives.
I'm Prachi Seth, the founder and CEO of Happy Bharat. I graduated from IIT in 1993, following which I had a successful career in the IT industry in both India and abroad. After starting and running an IT education and consulting company for several years, I discovered my passion for healthy food and lifestyle. My mission is to enrich people's lives through a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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