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Traditional, Tasty and Healthy Products

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Healthy, Unrefined Natural Ingredients

We use natural, unrefined, unprocessed Khandsari sugar, Jaggery, Misri, Dates, Figs, Raisins or Honey in our sweets. Our ancestors used these natural sweeteners in sweetening their food.

We sprout all millets, dry them and then grind them in a chakki. We use organically grown millets like Sorghum(Jowar), Pearl(Bajra), Finger Millet(Ragi), Foxtail millet and red Kurva rice in our snacks. We use super foods like Amaranth seeds(Rajgira) in our sweets and snacks.

We use pure A2 protien ghee obtained from free grazing Desi Gir cow milk. Ghee is obtained in traditional “Bilona” method. We use cold pressed organic groundnut oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or mustard oil for our snacks.

Best Sellers

“Thanks Prachi for making these super yum, super healthy ladoos. I was a lil sceptical how a combo of flakes and seeds and nuts would taste. But this concoction of yours is one of its kind and surely a must try for the calorie-conscious especially!”


“Tiny bites of goodness overloaded. Thats how I describe the Prachi’s dry fruit ladoos. The gulkhand ones are even better with the lingering aroma of roses. Totally Amazing replacement for any of the granola bars or nature valley. Good for small pangs of hunger and great before a early morning jog. You can eat them any time of the day without guilt!”


“The Besan ladoo I tried was fabulous. Soft with ghee, mildly flavoured with cardamom and a heavenly mouthful. As all things sweet, kids did not want to stop at eating just one. I would highly recommend!”




“I have been a regular customer of various snacks and sweet items from Prachi. There is no looking back since then. I have had chaklis, Mathris, Sev, Besan and Gulkand ladoos. My personal favourites are Besan ladoos! I am not sure if I ever had such soft and fresh ones before. I use it for all my Poojas, guests and taste lifts. My daughter just loves them. Overall, I am super satisfied with Prachi’s offerings. The part that assures me completely is her pure intentions of providing good healthy food for her and other kids. I am pretty sure to remain her customer for more years coming!”


“In the last few years with organic produces, changes in food habits, bringing mindfulness in eating has brought our attention to millets, idea of cold pressed oils, and also to some of the traditional eating habits. Prachi’s food products came in as wonderful surprize and support. I am so amazed with the attention given to the details of the ingredients used. Millet mathri, popped amaranth, sprouted millet flours were a wonderful support to us as we were looking for gluten free food that is exciting to the palate. I feel so grateful to have Prachi who is constantly working on bringing in variations and possibilities with millets and also spreading awareness on quality and purpose of these.”


“Prachi, thank you for bringing back Grandma goodies in our lives. Because of your ladoos , chaklis, mathris, the millet flours and various health filled indigenous options that you have made us possible to fill up our larder with, I have been able to introduce my children to the food that matter to the palate..also, proudly..imdigenous. Thank you so much”